Creative Consulting

Sometimes you need more than a designer or developer to build your ideas. Sometimes you’re just stuck and need someone to help refuel your creative tank.

How It Works

I can help get you started on that dream or side hustle from the beginning, or help you get unstuck when you hit a creative slump.


Translate all those loose ideas into a project brief to define goals, , and hone your vision.


The first shape of your ideas into a product that can be critiqued. This is where things get real, and we can start to see what will work and what can be trimmed or tabled.


The Wright Brothers had to crash a few planes, right? The third step is where we experiment to find the last shape of your idea.

Polish & Assess

A broad goal of every creative project should be to make the end product that dazzles and shines, but also to put together a postmortem about what didn't work in the previous stage. This helps you build a system for future endeavors, having better defined your processes and values.

Need a second brain to help you invent your next big idea?